Product Timelines 12/12/2022

Product Timelines 12/12/2022

Hey all!  One of our core values is to be fully transparent to our community. In an effort to do that, we’re going to be releasing monthly blog posts where we show the progress of each of our products.  Some changes from last month, we are trying our best to make sure everything we make is of a high quality, and with that does take some time.

In-Stock Products:

  • Swiss Style Forceps – Working on featherweights next.
  • Ecology Supplies Pins

Our first batch of insect pins are now in stock, we do have a lot of inventory stuck in customs.  

  • Cornell Units Trays 

Our first batch of unit trays is here! We opted for an impressively sturdy design, with an option of EPE and EVA foams. We’re getting plastazote foam boxes in the near future (February or March).

  • Metal Pinning Block

We also made our first limited supply batch of Metal pinning blocks!  Beautifully crafted with rounded edges and anti-slide felt on the bottom. The perfect addition to any serious collectors arsenal that will last a lifetime!

  • Wood Pinning Block

We also introduced our wood pinning block, made out of eco-friendly paulownia wood.

Products currently in Production (Estimated Availability January 2023)

  • Cornell Unit Trays with Plastazote
  • Snap Cap Vials

Products currently in Production (Estimated Availability January 2023)

  • Cornell Drawer
  • Insect Nets – Standard and Student Nets
  • Genitalia Vials – Glass First, then Plastic
  • Aspirators
  • Cal Academy Unit Trays
  • Cal Academy Drawer
  • USNM Drawers
  • USNM Unit Trays
  • Other Pins

Want to help us test or give feedback?  Be sure to reach out to us (

Products in Our 2023 Plans

  • Featherweight Forceps
  • Light Traps
  • Aquatic Nets
  • Rose Pro Nets
  • Screw Cap Vials
  • Collecting Jars
  • Slide Boxes
  • And more!

If you need to place a larger order than what we have available or if you have a product need that we do not offer yet and are interested in, please reach out to