Product Timelines 8/14/2023

As always our core values is to be fully transparent to our community. In an effort to do that, we’re going to be releasing monthly blog posts where we show the progress of each of our products.  Some changes from last month, we are trying our best to make sure everything we make is of a high quality, and with that does take some time

New Arrivals / September Dates:

  • Folding Insect Storage Box – Sold out quickly, expecting a restock in late September. Preorder now as they are first come first serve.
  • USNM Unit Trays– Anticipating to have stock in September, pre-orders are live.
  • Cal Academy Unit Trays – Now in stock! Fairly limited supply, if you need a larger order please reach out!
  • Genitalia Vials Plastic – 6mm version is available. smaller 4mm version plans for fall.
  • Screw Cap Vials – Pre-orders are live. Coming end of August.
  • Glass Genitalia Vials – Production of vials is almost complete. Issue with stoppers sizing, hoping to have this shipped by months end.

We also added a Custom Unit Trays / Boxes Request Form– If you need a custom sized boxes, unit trays, or something else!

Products currently in Production (Estimated Availability Fall 2023)

  • Entry Level Drawers returning (Cornell and Cal Academy) – Improving our old design, eligible to ship in October or Early Nov 2023
  • High Quality Drawers (Cornell/Cal/USNM) – We are working on both high end drawers as well as an improved version of our economy styled drawer. (ETA Nov/Dec) Reach out to us if you want the first ones available.
  • Beating sheets – Working on a sample, once confirmed, we will hopefully produce by November.
  • Collecting Jars / Kill Jars – Top Loaded ones coming Fall or Winter.

Want to help us test or give feedback?  Be sure to reach out to us (

Products in Our 2023 Plans

  • Gravid Traps – With the help of feedback through these posts, and a spare trap being sent to us we are working to remake this much needed trapping system.
  • Light Traps
  • Mala
  • Aquatic Nets
  • Rose Pro Nets
  • Slide Boxes
  • Minuten Pins
  • Size 4, 5, 6, and 7 insect pins
  • Let us know what else we need to consider!

If you need to place a larger order than what we have available or if you have a product need that we do not offer yet and are interested in, please reach out to